13697152_272879796402716_1517910430157308532_nSahara James Marlowe was born in Santiago Dominican Republic. Her parents divorced when she was a year old, she lived in Boston from ages 6 to 9. After returning to Dominican Republic at the age of 9 her mother died in a tragic death. She moved to Brooklyn at the age of 12, the young girl experienced sexual molestation and abuse, she left her family side at the age of 18.  And started a journey to find her place in the world; she has traveled the world and has found comfort in spiritualism, she is a converted Hindu. She is a Pratt graduate with a Masters of Science in Facilities Management, and a Political Science B.A. from York College.

Growing up between Bushwick and Williamsburg, she understood the value of genuine crafts and learned the appreciation for the arts and the value & quality of raw materials. She was first trained by the renowned NYC based artist Max Estenger in painting while attending high school at Enterprise Business and Technology. She is an abstract painter, and uses techniques that are uniquely influenced by her style to dilute oils and tell a story through a sophisticated exchange of raw materials and color.

She is actively engaged in social media to promote social issues from around the world as well as the injustices she has seen “home.”  Growing up an orphan in poverty and seeing herself as the non-statistical Latina living in New York, she is committed to help those in need that have no voice.

Her belief is that the children are the future, that every child deserves a little lift &  uplift; a helping hand in order to overcome adversity, low self-esteem, and the challenges that come with living in our society.  Lidia Lives Foundation was named in honor of her late mother.  She is a painter, actress, director, writer & dancer.  She is an avid advocate for the Endometriosis Foundation of America and a member of the 2016 UNICEF TCS NYC Marathon team.

“Being an artist is not easy or simple, being an orphan is less, but there is power and internal fire that comes from giving a voice to the weakest.” Founder