Meet the board

StephanieCamachoStephanie Camacho  is a native Jersey girl, with spark and talents. Inspired by a summer internship led by the Greater Newark Conservancy, Stephanie quickly developed a deep passion for charitable work and art.

During her years in college she interned at the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc.

Living and working aboard on a educational sailboat for a few months her internal growth, expanded with gratitude, awareness, and mindfulness. With this experience, she learned about how little a person needs, not how much.

Stephanie is a cultural painter; she has worked on many murals in NYC & NJ, her paintings are inspired by her travels and her innate love of cultures. She and an active youth mentor at St.Peter the Apostle RCC.

With the cultural diversity she grew up around and an innate calling to serve others Stephanie is happy knowing that this adventure is part of her calling. “Lifting orphans targeting one area at a time.”


 Kelvin Batista native New Yorker, Kelvin fell in love with nonprofits after volunteering at a fundraising gala in 2012.  Since then, his deep passion for hospitality and charitable work has grown quickly and steadily.  Today, Kelvin volunteers his time to various Non for Profits as well as attending numerous Fundraising events throughout the year.

He currently has over 5 years planning and hosting profitable luxury events for FinetobaccoNYC throughout New York City. Kelvin is detail oriented and has a systematic way of streamlining the event making process. His focus is on offering genuine experiences by creating an ambiance filled with character and charm.

When not working on events, Kelvin is active in adventure sports including scuba diving, sailing, and cycling.  On his down time, you can find him traveling, motorcycling, enjoying a good cigar, fine spirits and listening to music.

Although, Genuinely excited and committed to the Lidia Lives Foundation and it’s mission, Kelvin’s biggest contribution is his serendipity and positive energy.

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Andrew Singh is a native New Yorker, has been in involved with Non-Profits Projects for several years on the energy sector. He had led teams to establish and donate self-sustaining battery storage solar systems. These systems are have been established in indigenous villages in South Africa, Sierra Leone, Guyana, and Suriname.  These farms have allowed indigenous communities to the right to live with electricity and simply life privileges. Schools and orphanages have also been powered for the children in the community to study, create, and learn.

Through his experience and expertise, will help to further supplement the organization through a synergic progression.
Andrew is currently a stand up comedian in the New York area.  As comedy, has allowed him to provide a gift of laughter to others. He has a strong belief that art in foster freedom for children to grow. Just as electricity is a privilege that all deserve, a freedom to express through art, is another privilege that all children deserve.