Meet the Board & Staff



 Kelvin Batista native New Yorker, Kelvin fell in love with nonprofits after volunteering at a fundraising gala in 2012.  Since then, his deep passion for hospitality and charitable work has grown quickly and steadily.  Today, Kelvin volunteers his time to various Non for Profits as well as attending numerous Fundraising events throughout the year.He currently has over 5 years planning and hosting profitable luxury events for FinetobaccoNYC throughout New York City. Kelvin is detail oriented and has a systematic way of streamlining the event making process. His focus is on offering genuine experiences by creating an ambiance filled with character and charm.When not working on events, Kelvin is active in adventure sports including scuba diving, sailing, and cycling.  On his down time, you can find him traveling, motorcycling, enjoying a good cigar, fine spirits and listening to music.

Although, Genuinely excited and committed to the Lidia Lives Foundation and it’s mission, Kelvin’s biggest contribution is his serendipity and positive energy.



Director  of Programme


  Jeannette Batista Moved from The Dominican Republic to New York City in 2006.  She currently works in pricing services for Cardinal Health, a Fortune top 15 company.   Jeannette has extensive experience working with the nonprofit community in New York City.  She has worked with various groups and has volunteered in charity events including Cleats 4 Kids.  Jeannette loves to decorate &  plan for events. She understands the value in the work that non-for-profits do, and how much more involvement from people like herself is needed.  Jeannette has a unique ability to empower others, and has a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to empower the youth.

Events Committee Chair

IMG_2569 Bernadette Sakharov  “I’m a native and proud New Yorker, Puerto Rican (Nuyorican), In my younger years I was in the Foster care system until I was six years old. I was adopted when I was 6 and a half to a single jewish women.  From my teenage through my young adult years I was able to worked with my mother in her school for inner city children and children with needs. That gave growth to my passion & empathy,  I have a strong desire to help children and people in general. I have enjoyed the career of cosmetology, making people feel & look beautiful. I have also worked in health care field for several years. Even though that was a difficult time it was rewarding to know that I was able to positively affect  patients lives and there families life’s too.
“Being part of the LLF family has giving me the opportunity to do one of my callings, which is  to help children in some way.”

Director of IT

IMG_1121Shmuel Chayempour was born in Brooklyn and raised in Long Island. His parents are full-time activists at various jewish outreach programs. Growing up he was exposed to diverse cultures and people from different walks of life.  He understood the value of mentorship and empathy at early age. Shmuel started the IT firm ITP NYC and is completing graduate school for religious studies. Rasing kids takes a ton of care, love, patience and resources and Shmuel knows this first hand, he is the third eldest of 13 kids.
“There is no greater gift you can give someone then a stable childhood. It is a privilege & honor to serve the children of the world, our future, through the LLF family.”